CLFST010 – Stunt Rock – REGRET™ Instruction Manual Issue 01


ARTIST Stunt Rock
TITLE REGRET™ Instruction Manual Issue 01: Questions and Answers for the Insecure Youth
RELEASED September 2001
AVAILABILITY Digital Download

01 Intro (Everyone’s Favorite Joke Becomes A Joke To Himself)
02 We’ll See What’s So Funny When I’m Fucking Dead
03 Tracking A Relationship Through Bank Statements
04 And Into The Arms Of Some Poor Indie Rocker The Path Led
05 Wow, A New Release By My Favorite IDM Producer, Has It Been Two Weeks?
06 Four Thousand And One Desperate Attempts To Keep A Relationship Interesting
07 Community College As A Means To Commit Suicide
08 He Didn’t Know About Wind Velocity, But The Spoiler Represented Everything He Was About
09 Someone To Lay In Bed With And Watch Shitty Beta Movies
10 Afraid Of Everything And So On (Including The Future And Knowledge Of Self)
11 I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Be The Person You Needed, I Mean It
12 I’ll Leave You Right Now And Not Think About It Twice, For A Few Days
13 And Then, Every Emo Band In The World Sank Into The Ocean, But Nobody Really Noticed
14 A Blank Computer Screen And A Room Devoid Of Creative Thought
15 There Are Still Some Fun Times To Be Had Between Us, Aren’t There?
16 I’m Gonna Fade This Track Out Just Like You Did Our Relationship
17 Tonight, Every Car Is Your Car
18 Untitled
19 If I’m Not Sincere Enough, Please Let Me Know, And I Will Squint More
20 Outro (Failed Indie Rocker Gives Computers A Whirl)