CLFST008 – Stunt Rock – This is Stunt Rock Volume Two


ARTIST Stunt Rock
TITLE This is Stunt Rock Volume Two: In Memory of Tray Loren
RELEASED August 1999
AVAILABILITY Digital Download

01 Anyone Who Names A Track “So and So Can Kiss My Such And Such Ass” Can Kiss My (Adjective) (Noun) Ass
02 Really Harsh Noisy Breaks Don’t Cover Up For Lack Of Talent, Or Do They?
03 I Can’t Believe I Ate You Out
04 Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em (Its I.D.M. Cause The Snares Are Channeled Mix)
05 I Can’t Wait Till This Road Turns To Two Lanes So I Can Pass This Stupid Fucker
06 If I Would Have Opened w/ A Noise Track Everyone Would Think I’m Tough Right?
07 Name Your Song After The Sample That Is In It Einstein
08 You Made A Really Short Song With One Sample Cause You Were Low On Material And Ideas. I Did It For This Whole Album
09 All The Baggy Pants In The World Won’t Change The Fact That You Are One Ugly Bitch
10 It Is Sad When You Realize Fabric Touches Your Genitals More Than A Girl
11 Sweatshirts, Khakis and Krokus Cassettes. (Teen Wolf Versus Stiles Mix)
12 Tube Sock Breasts
13 Every Night I Go To Bed And Think About Every Single Relationship That I’ve Fucked Up
14 Do I Come To Your Country And Sample Your Movies?
15 There Is No Selling Out If You Never Bought In
16 What You Lack In Creativity, You Make Up For With Piercings And Pant Width
17 Your Life Is Only As Meaningless As The Music You Listen To, Case In Point
18 You Can Tune A Piano, But Oh No! Tuna Bitch
19 Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em. (2 Legit 2 Quit Remix by JLHI)
20 Intro/Sample/Build/Sample/Breaks/ /Effects/Sample/Slowerbreaks/Sample/End
21 I Think I’m Cool Because My Song Titles Are Long And Point Out Flaws In Others
22 The Funny Thing Is, I Hate Myself Most of All