CLFST003 – Stunt Rock – This is Stunt Rock Volume One


ARTIST Stunt Rock
TITLE This is Stunt Rock Volume One: In Memory of Bob Seger
RELEASED August 1998
CIRCULATION 150 Tape / 500 CD
AVAILABILITY Digital Download

01 Richard Pryors’ Face Catching on Fire As He Freebases Cocaine In The Eighties
02 Fuck What’s Good For You & My Potential
03 Please Typeset This Document
04 Hollow Points For The Snitches
05 Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants & A Visor, Pussy
06 A Hatchet, With Which I Am Going To Town Upon Your Vagina With
07 We Take It In Our Butts, In Our Mouth, In Our Pussy, or In Our Bedsores
08 Anal Crybabies Need Double & Triple Penetration, Her Pussy is Very Dry, Call Now
09 Lovie Doll With Air Suction Vagina, Her Tits, Vagina & Open Mouth Make Her Just Like A Real Woman Love Partner, $5.95
10 Hardcore Anal Action Girls Who Love Hard Cocks in Their Stinky Butts, Sucking Cum Out of Rectums, Fist Fucking, Shit Eating
11 I Need A Double Whammy On My Muff & Fanny
12 Will Your Big Dick Fit In My Tight Diseased Pussy? If Not I’ll Suck It & Pour AIDS Blood On It
13 Fuck My 60 Year Old Shithole As You Eat Her 18 Year Old Cunt, A Television
14 Cock Sucking Sluts Who Want To Suck You Dry, Dead Bodies Blow Semen
15 Menstruate on My Face
16 Seeks Meaningful Relationship w_ Woman. N/S N/D Please. Let’s Go To Church Together & Share Our Love For The Lord