ADDICTCD005 – Stunt Rock – REGRET™ Instruction Manual Issue 02


ARTIST Stunt Rock
TITLE REGRET™ Instruction Manual Issue 02: Letting Go Versus Holding On
RELEASED January 2003
AVAILABILITY Digital Download

01 Intro (At Least Download The Instruction Manual Too)
02 Like An Airbag, You Will Go Unappreciated Until Needed
03 I’m Working Out So I Can Fight Off People That May Try To Prevent Me From Killing Myself
04 All I Want Is A Girl To Hug Me And Tell Me It’s Going To Be Okay, So Basically, Someone To Lie To Me With A Straight Face
05 The Last Self Indulgent Song Title Ever
06 Playful Grin Versus Knowing Smile
07 Mens Sana In Corpore Sano
08 Punctuation As An Expression Of Affection
09 Forced Self Discovery And The Damage Done
10 Dear Underground Music (In General)
11 The Difference Between Reality And Delusion
12 A List Of Subtle References That Have Gone Unnoticed
13 Things That Turn Into The Exact Opposite Of What You Want
14 When The Titles Become Disappointing
15 Self Handicapping Gunshot Wound To The Foot
16 Outro (We Met Upon The Level And Part Upon The Square)