ADDICT032 – Zerobeat Collective – Raw & Unmastered E.P.


ARTIST Zerobeat Collective
TITLE Raw & Unmastered E.P.
RELEASED April 2010
FORMAT Digital
AVAILABILITY Digital Download

1. Darkjam
Paul Daugherty(sax), Joe Niesen(guitar), Gary Chin(bass guitar/upright bass, and Alan Chin’s brother), and Joshua Jenquin(drums/production). This particular song was inspired by my love for “the twilight zone” and is about playing russian roulette w/ a robot. This track is raw and unmastered. Though if you listen to it with a proper sub you will hear the sound of my 28″ kik drum(thats a big kik drum!!!)

2. Larry’s Groove
Paul Daugherty(sax), Joe Niesen(guitar), Matt Skalitzky(guitar), Gary Chin(bass cuts) and Joshua Jenquin(drums,turntables and production). Another raw cut, Larry’s Groove is the result of having Larry Coryell and the Eleventh House stuck on repete in my head. Each player was simply asked to “get all Larry on it”, and Larry they got. With that said, enjoy the ride.

3. Jericho
Matt Skalitzky (guitar and vintage roland guitar synth), and Joshua Jenquin (drums,percussion, and production). Vocal sample source-”The Ames Brothers.”

4. Greek Love
Paul Daugherty(sax), Matt Skalitzky(guitar), Gary Chin(bass), and Joshua Jenquin(production,original drum recordings). A bit of a ride on the schizo train, Greek Love is one of our favorite tunes. The sax work from Paul Daugherty exposes raw emotion, and the drum edits expose my love for early jungle/drum&bass. So hold hands w/ your favorite greek philosopher and flex those thighs!!

5. Medicated Dub
Joe Niessen(guitar,composition, bass guitar,synth), Matt Skalitzky(guitar), Paul Daugherty(sax), and Joshua Jenquin(drums and production). Medicated Dub is our mellow groover. Originally composed by Joe Niesen off of some solid phased out drum arrangments…BIG UP YOUR LEFT NOSTRIL!!!!!!! ALL CHORE BOY MASSIVE!!!!!!