ADDICT017 – Stunt Rock – This Is Stunt Rock Volume Three


ARTIST Stunt Rock
TITLE This Is Stunt Rock Volume Three (In Memory of Terry Alan Kath)
RELEASED September 2005
FORMAT 12″ Vinyl / CD
CIRCULATION 500 Vinyl / 500 CD
AVAILABILITY Digital Download

01. Intro: I still say that REGRET Instruction Manual Issue 2 was my best album and I wish it wasn’t so overlooked
02. And if I had no real job and no mortgage payment, maybe I could also sit around making music all day and have a release every other month
03. I’ve really lost it because this shit is starting to sound like a washed-up, half-assed Fatboy Slim ripoff with a twelve year old’s sense of humor
04. An open letter to underground music, those who review it and those who use it as a symbol of their individuality
05. I will make up for a lifetime of fucking chicks poorly by having the most diverse cd collection in the world
06. Pointing out your elitist superiority complex through your track titles
07. To clarify, the only thing I gained from this relationship was 15 lbs
08. Legacy of stretch marks, The
09. First chance I get I am licensing this track to a car commercial or video game, so fuck you and your no sell out, anti-establishment posturing, or some such in your face remark of that sort
10. Making songs about drinking is something very original and I think it will expand my musical horizons since I have never made one before
11. A funny sample and bad guitar loop do not a song make
12. Dear ________, thank you for attempting to never talk to me again again
13. Someday you are going to have a party, and I will make a point to come poop all over it so you can know how it feels
14. Please don’t stand behind me and make those stupid noises with your mouth that you seem to think indicate to me that you are thinking
15. Soundtrack for nonexistent/imaginary midwest underground hardcore electronic scene
16. Outro: Close enough only counts in horseshoes and my music, and could I get anymore self righteous?